About us

Who are we?

A leading miller since the company was founded in 1919, over the years we have been able to diversify our activities and innovate to maximise customer satisfaction.

Our business covers the whole wheat chain: from its cultivation up to the finished product. We select the finest wheat varieties to produce premium quality flour and mixes. We mobilise people in the field and operational teams who are passionate about their work and who combine expertise and know-how.

Our R&D and Marketing teams create new formulas and recipes to meet our customers' expectations in terms of originality, diversity, and quality. Compliance with food safety and health regulations requires the vigilance of every single employee, to constantly monitor all stages of production, in order to give consumers the best guarantees and the best taste.

Let see in pictures the expertise and people which belong in Grands Moulins de Paris :


The history of Grands Moulins de Paris

Faced with the difficulty of supplying food to the French population during the first world war, four men devised a great project: to build the world's biggest industrial mill in Paris. In April 1919, their partnership gave rise to Grands Moulins de Paris, which was managed by the Vilgrain family.

Our passion and our taste for innovation have constantly driven us to grow. The creation of the Paris Bakery and Patisserie School in 1929, the invention of mixes in 1968, the birth of the first Campaillette in 1989 and the Recettes de Mon Moulin brand in 2003, and more recently, the creation of the new Campaillette concept and launch of the new network in 2015…

Our unique milling know-how has been devoted to our customers for over a century

And in 2001, with the merger of the milling businesses of Grands Moulins de Paris, Grands Moulins Storione, Euromill Nord, and Inter-Farine with Délifrance's industrial bakery business, one of Europe's leading millers - NutriXo - was born. In 2012, France Farine and its brand Francine joined the group's milling business.

NutriXo, a leading food industry manufacturing group, the number-one French miller, and one of the biggest European industrial bakery manufacturers, positions itself as an ambassador of French bakery.

In 2013, NutriXo joined Vivescia, a powerful and profitable cooperative farming and food processing group that controls the supply chain from field to fork, from the farmer to the consumer, by meeting the needs of its customers and of society as a whole.

Grands Moulins de Paris now operates on a variety of channels - artisan bakery, major multiples, food service, food processing - and export markets with its business highly concentrated in Europe, Africa and, more recently, Asia and the Middle East.

Recognised for our know-how, the customised support we provide to our customers, and for the added-value services we offer, Grands Moulins de Paris is a key player on the milling market.

Key Dates of Grands Moulins de Paris's history

  • A miller since 1919 : A unique know-how
  • Founded the Paris Bakery and Patisserie School in 1929
  • Invented Moul-Bie mixes in 1968
  • Created the Ronde des Pains chain in 1986
  • Launched the first Campaillette in 1989
  • Precursor in the sale of frozen products to artisan bakers, sold under the Recettes de Mon Moulin brand since 2003

A PASSION for the bakery business that drives INNOVATION

Grands Moulins de Paris's commitments

An innovative and passionate company, Grands Moulins de Paris is a partner in its customers' success.

Much more than just a supplier of premium products, we help every single customer grow their business.

As a leading miller, we guarantee the best products, but not just that. Our customers get the most out of our in-depth market knowledge, with commercial, technical, merchandising, and marketing expertise to develop a profitable business together.

Responsible company, we integrate social and environmental issues in our decisions and activities.

We have implemented a Men Safety program, called 'CARE', based on individual awareness and everyday roles in the prevention of accidents.

The product safety is a top priority and a constant concern for all employees. It is based on a selection of raw materials, rigorous hygiene and known to all and manufacturing process control.

We value agricultural resource "wheat" 100%, the entire wheat kernel allows the manufacture of flour for human consumption and wheat envelop is used to feed animals.

By conducting energy audits at our manufacturing facilities, we are looking for technical resources and solutions to reduce our consumption of electricity and gas.

Our values

Act together - Dare undertake - Register in time - Be authentic