A dedicated team to support your growth in the Groceries and Bakery categories
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Why choose Grands Moulins de Paris?

To build a loyal customer base

Grocery section

Grocery section

  • Grands Moulins de Paris works with all major retailers in France. We will help you grow your turnover by promoting the Francine brand.
  • You can increase your customers’ average spend through a category-management approach that we will share with you, developed out of our understanding of consumer habits and in-store promotions.
  • A historic and essential brand in the Flour category : A dynamic, innovative player that has built a strong bond with consumers.
  • 60 million Francine products sold every year – that’s two Francine products sold every second!
Bread (bakery section)

Bread (bakery section)

Sales and technical support to help you increase your turnover.

An expert brand in the mixes, improvers and flour products category:

  • A product line tailor made to suit your laboratory processes
  • High-quality products to boost your productivity and profitability
Bernard Brulland

Our constant aim is to satisfy consumers. We therefore make every effort, in partnership with major distributors, to ensure that Francine and Moul-Bie are a part of consumers’ everyday lives.

Our major asset

In-depth understanding of the consumer

We frequently carry out market studies and run focus groups with distributors and consumers, because we are committed to meeting the expectations of our various target markets.

Our Brands and Products

Partnering our clients

Partnering bakers every day

by providing the means of improving efficiency and profitability in your bakery section.

  • Improvers: From resting to anti-blister products, specially designed for viennoiseries, frozen products, speciality bread or traditional French bread (in accordance with the bread decree of 13 September 1993).
  • Mixes: Speciality breads, viennoiseries, patisseries, savoury pastries.
  • Flour: For everyday or traditional French bread, patisseries, viennoiseries, savoury pastries, etc.

Developing sales in your category




New innovations every year. In 2015:

  • Resealable flour bag
  • 500 g wheat flour bag
  • mixes for making Burger Buns and Corn Tortillas
  • coloured yeast
A varied promotional plan

A varied promotional plan

A varied promotional plan with in-store and digital campaigns, to recruit consumers and drive sales in the category.



A brand that communicates with consumers on TV, on its website and on its Facebook page

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New innovation for 2015: Tradition T65

Moul-Bie makes your daily work easier in this fast-moving sector, with a highly tolerant T65 Traditional flour with very high hydration rates.
/br> Try it out!

Expertise and Support

Expertise and Support

Technical experts to guide bakers as they master bread-making skills and methods

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