Flour, mix, and improver solutions to improve your efficiency and profitability

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Discover Moul-Bie

A pioneering and expert brand

Discover Moul-Bie
  • 1968 : creation of the first mix
  • Proven expertise in the production of flours and mixes
  • Know-how that is renowned in the European markets as well as on other continents, including Asia and Africa

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For basic white French bread and traditional French bread, as well as patisseries, viennoiseries, and savoury pastries... the range of Moul-Bie flours are perfect for all your bakery and pastry products.



From speciality breads to patisseries, viennoiseries, and savoury pastries, provide your customers with mouth-watering, easy-to-make baked goods using clear, streamlined baking processes.

The premium Moul-Bie range :
Moul-Bie Sélection

With carefully selected ingredients, production methods that meet your needs, and excellent shelf life; these products are guaranteed to give you top-quality results.



Solutions to meet your every need. From resting to anti-blister products, specially designed for viennoiseries, frozen products, speciality bread or traditional French bread (in accordance with the bread decree of 13 September 1993)... Moul-Bie's improvers guarantee consistent products every time.

Moul-Bie also makes a range of organic flours and mixes* !
*In the EU, to be labelled "organic bread" in the shop, the bakery must be certified by an authorised organisation.
Moul-Bie agriculture biologique Moul-Bie pain biologique
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